About Us ...

     Welcome to Prince of Egypt Pharaoh Hound Kennel!

     We are located in Southern California. We are currently starting to show our Pharaoh hound, Ra, and we have great hopes for his future! While he is a promising hound, he is our family member first, and show-dog second. He is primarily an inside dog, and he sleeps in our bed, eats home prepared meals, and plays with us inside our home and yard. He is not kept in an outdoor kennel at any time and loves to be with his people!

     We have no current plans for any litters. We are just enjoying the exciting experience of showing Ra.

     If you are interested in the personality or traits of the Pharaoh hound, please feel free to contact me personally! I would be more than happy to tell you about what it is like to live with one of these beautiful animals. If you have any questions or inquiries about the Pharaoh hound breed, I will do my best to provide answers as soon as possible, or point you in the direction of a more experienced Pharaoh hound owner.
     Owning a dog, or any animal, is a forever learning process for both human and animal alike, and we are always met with new surprises and challenges!

     I hope you enjoy your visit to Prince of Egypt Pharaoh Hound!


Ashlie Cauvel

* * *

"... a great responsibility ... To keep faith with 5,000 years of true breeding...they must shun man's natural tendency to 'improve' which so often in dog breeding terms means to alter out of all recognition"

*Quote originally adopted by the Pharaoh
Hound Club - United Kingdom - July 1971