What we feed our Pharaoh hound !

     Due to Raís high energy and fast metabolism, when he eats, he needs to eat a high protein food to keep him healthy and at a steady weight.

     When Ra was on commercial dog food, we had him on Natural Balance High Protein formula. He had a very shiny coat on this dog food due to the amount of fat and was at a very decent weight, but had very large, very stinky poops coupled with constant gas. The formula was high in protein, but also high in indigestible materials such as rice, other grains and vegetables. It is very important to read the labels of the dog food you are feeding your dogs. Vegetables, unless steamed, ground, or pureed, are virtually useless to a carnivoreís digestive system. A dog can get plenty of vitamins from vegetables, of course! But not without help breaking them down. For what the food was worth, I decided to give a new food source a try, one that gave him everything he needed, and nothing that he did not.

     And so, I take Raís health as my own responsibility. I presume to know what is best for my dog, not a commercial dog food giant who has never met Ra, and never will.
     Ra is currently a raw fed dog. He eats balanced meals of raw animal meat, bone, and organ. His favorite thing to munch on is a raw chicken leg. Ra eats in healthy portions of chicken or beef meat, beef liver, heart and kidney, chicken heart, lungs and kidney, and a smorgasbord of other meaty meats that have no grains or additives. He eats hand grown foods, the animals that he consumes come from a natural farm where no steroids are used to enhance the meat.
     Of course, raw feeding is not for everyone, and a healthy amount of research is required for this type of feeding if you are going to consider switching your dog to a natural carnivore diet. Dogs with pre-existing stomach or digestive tract problems should consult an expert before proceeding.


Ra's chicken leg Beef Back Ribs
Beef Back Ribs
This is what Ra thinks of chicken necks!
This is what Ra thinks of chicken necks!

Ra eats a beef Rib:
a mini video serial :-) !
Don't touch the sides... Ra is pretty pathetic when it comes to eating beef ribs. He likes them well enough, but not enough to touch them with his paws. Forgive the mindless beeping of my camera's video timer, it is annoying. The saga continues.. This whole series of Beef Rib videos is testament to how long it takes him to finish ONE beef rib. This is all the same rib, he already had his dinner! This was just a snack! Nearly there.. We're starting to see some bone, finally. But this time I'm not helping him out. Normally I'll take the bone and hold it like a corn cobb, and he'll pull of the meat, but not this time. He's got to figure it out for himself. Finally! Finally we're down to the bone and finished. That was a lot more work than it was worth.

     Here are a few Links to some very good websites dedicated to raw feeding. They have recorded the benefits of raw feeding on their own animals, as well feeding ideas.
They contain photos of the dogs eating too, very cool!

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  Local Co-Opís for raw fed dogs

     Some phone numbers of veterinarians in the United States that you can consult on this subject are listed below.
Dr. Don Hamilton, DVM (505)666.2091
Dr. Doug Yearout, DVM (425)334.8171
Dr. Larry Siegler, DVM (425)885.5400

     While feeding a raw diet it is very important to know what foods are dangerous and possibly fatal for a dog.
The following websites are very helpful in not only listing what foods are poisonous, but also in what quantities and how they are toxic.

  Pet Education